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Design & Landscape Architecture:
Think of your entire property as a piece of art. You can, with the assistance of our designers and landscape architects, hold the paints and brushes and create just about anything you can dream of.

Our designers and architects are passionate about the art and science of Landscaping. To "master" this craft you have to not only have a discerning eye for the esthetic placement of shapes, textures, and colors, but you also must have extensive knowledge of: plant species, growth cycles, light, nutrient, and soil requirements, companion plantings, installation and maintenance.

When you put it all together we can really create anything you want from a dramatic setting to a tranquil retreat. The transformation starts with a

Landscape Lighting - Bring the outdoors to light with an energy efficient low voltage lighting system.

• Bathe your stunning facade, charming patio, walkway, or water feature with a soft, ambient glow...

• Choose from an extensive selection of designs to complement any outdoor setting.

• Flexibility in design and convenience in installation take into account the changing needs of your property over the course of many years.

• Professional landscape lighting is a simple
cost effective way to add aesthetic and practical enjoyment to any natural outdoor living environment.

• Law Enforcement studies show - A well lit home discourages intruders.

• Free Consultation/Estimates
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Outdoor Kitchens/ Fireplaces/Hot Tubs/Entertainment - Memories are made at home...

Invest some of that vacation money in your home and you can "escape" in your own back yard any time you choose, while simultaneously increasing the overall value of your home, and your quality of life.

• We can design a luxurious multi level paver patio with a pergola, seat walls and a fire pit, accented with lighted columns, walkways and water features, leading to an awesome stainless steel bbq with granite countertops built in speakers, HDTV, a hot tub and cafe seating... or a simple flagstone pathway that leads out to your hammock.... the choice is yours.

• Practical - Enjoyable -
Smart !!! Outdoor Living.

• A recent Gallup Poll indicates that Professional Landscaping can add 7 to 15% to a home's value, and homeowners recover 100 to 200 % of the costs come sale time!

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Perennial Gardens
- Put down some roots that provide atmoshpere and brilliant color season after season, year after year with a professionally planned perennial garden....

• A well landscaped yard can help to reduce energy costs up to 15%.

• Perennials become a hobby and a joy as you get to know them and try new plantings over time.

• A one time investment that returns year after year in dividends of enjoyment.

• Make the flower beds around your home the talk of the neighborhood!

• Just walk out your front door for fresh cut flowers !

Paver Driveways and Walkways - Nothing takes a home or property to the next level of elegance and sophistication faster or easier than installing beautiful, durable, paver driveways and walkways.

Dozens of designs to choose from for multiple applications.

• Guaranteed, and easy to repair if the need ever arises.

• Enduring elegance for discriminating property owners.

• Add “Curb Appeal” making your home look more welcoming.

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Lawn Sprinkling Systems - With today’s unpredictable weather patterns a sprinkler system ensures a healthy lawn & garden.

• Install, program, and forget about it! No worries with a timed system.

• Multiple Zones are easy to manage, and can help save you money on the water bill.

• Keep your yard looking fresh, vibrant, and alive through the warmer seasons.

Home Standby Generator Systems- Never get left in the dark again!

• Home Standby Generators automatically supply electricity to pre-selected circuits in your home during a utility power outage.

• Convenient, Hands-Free Operation No fueling. No manual start. No extension cords. Runs on natural gas or liquid propane.

• Powerful Output - Increased output for more protection, includes automatic transfer switch with at least 8 circuits protected

• Ultra Quiet Features 1/3 the sound level of a portable generator.